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1 year ago

169 words

I would like to thank Oxford English Dictionary (OED) because, without this, I wouldn’t be able to understand the poems and even analyzing them. It’s true that at the end of every poem in Tottel’s Miscellany, there is this section on the footer where they provide synonyms to certain vocabulary words. Even with that little…

Re-Time trieth truth (A letter to Sir Thomas Wyatt )

1 year ago

340 words

Dear Sir Thomas Wyatt, My purpose writing this letter is regarding poem 176. Time Trieth Truth from Tottel’s Miscellany. This is one of my favorite poems and it reminds me of my childhood. I was born in the Benin Republic which is a small country in West Africa. My childhood was memorable because I  had…

Sonnet 144

1 year ago

272 words

This is my own interpretation of the poem :   The longer life is, the more offences will be on your way; The more offence, the bigger the pain will be ; When pain is bigger,  then  defence becomes shorter and slighter; The slighter defence is , then the less gain they will be ,…

Friendship: Time trieth truth (#176)

1 year ago

232 words

This is my own interpretation and translation of the poem: Everlasting and eternal  things needs time and i have seen that its takes times, then times should try my truth. The truth  which deserves an exceptional and unique  trust. Once trust exist, there is great friendship that will grow immensely. And Friendship may not failed…

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