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Re-Time trieth truth (A letter to Sir Thomas Wyatt )

1 year ago

340 words

Dear Sir Thomas Wyatt,

My purpose writing this letter is regarding poem 176. Time Trieth Truth from Tottel’s Miscellany. This is one of my favorite poems and it reminds me of my childhood. I was born in the Benin Republic which is a small country in West Africa. My childhood was memorable because I  had friends in my neighborhood to play with. I was very happy, always smiling because as a child, you have no worries and you are just enjoying your life to the fullest. I believe that the best age when friendship is strong and innocent is at a very young age. Back in the days, they were no social media, we will see each other every day, visit one another which creates a strong bond.  Friendship is also valued in our adulthood because we all need someone to rely on one. However, I believe that social media has sustained the way we make a relationship. Being an adult, you have a routine, a life, work, family and places to be. Sometimes you have, less time to socialize with your other friends and the only way you stay connected with them is through social media. My best friend and I met 6  years ago in High School. Even though we live not very far from each other, we barely see each other. Sometimes, I would go a month without seeing her while we text every day. Why am I talking about all this? In your poem, you said that  “Friendship may not fail when there is faithfulness or whenever faithfulness is present and sound, friendship will not fail” which I strongly agree with. Reading this poem just brought back memories of what friendship used to be in my childhood. My best friend and I are still friends because we’ve been through a lot and we trust one another. Trust is one of the most important things in Friendship. I’m so glad that I’ve read this poem and It’s brought back memories.

Thank You,

Sincerely, Samirath Gnabode

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