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Re- Hard Work Pays off

1 year ago

272 words

Dear Sir Thomas Wyatt,

My purpose writing this letter is regarding poem (272 Musonius the philosophers ). In this poem you talk about those who succeed are the ones who work hard. Which is true but what if you’re cursed and all your sacrifices and hard work just go in vain. This is my story. I was Inspired by this poem to write this  short story :

In Africa, some people said that when you are cursed by the Gods, your life will remain miserable. I believe that I’m cursed because:

I work hard day and nights to support my family. My kids, oh why? , In return, they treat me as if I don’t exist. It’s good to see the fruit of your hard work, in return what do I  get back? nothing. I decided to stop envying my friends and put pleasures on the side, I try to work hard, I wake up every day before sunset, go to the market to sell and I barely make any sales. I would return home at night while begging my good friend Fatoumata to give me some ingredients to at last make a soup for my kids. I would not dare to eat because I want my kids to eat.

Dear Allah, what I have done? why all my hard work are in vain? why oh why? My purpose in life is to suffer, work hard and die without having any goods in return?. This is my destiny, this is the story of the ones that work hard, sacrifice themselves like everyone but instead of becoming successful, they die with their malediction.


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  1. Hey Samirath,

    The letter you wrote is deep and really powerful.Its something that all the writers in the Miscellany talk about and you did a good job showing that. Great Work!

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