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1 year ago

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Image result for oedI would like to thank Oxford English Dictionary (OED) because, without this, I wouldn’t be able to understand the poems and even analyzing them. It’s true that at the end of every poem in Tottel’s Miscellany, there is this section on the footer where they provide synonyms to certain vocabulary words. Even with that little hint, I still have difficulties understanding some words because English is not my first language. What I would do is translate the word in French to help understand it better. For instance, while analyzing poem #60. The first line of the poem starts with “Wandring, Gadling”, after I looked at the bottom of the page, it says that its means “vagabond”. I recognize this word because it’s written the same way in French. But I decided to go on OED to see what’s the definition of Vagabond in English. It’s actually the same thing in French. OED is one of the best tools that has helped me throughout this project.

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