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1 year ago

272 words

This is my own interpretation of the poem :


The longer life is, the more offences will be on your way;

The more offence, the bigger the pain will be ;

When pain is bigger,  then  defence becomes shorter and slighter;

The slighter defence is , then the less gain they will be ,

This long years of  life lost helps to do very good ;

Therefore, here comes death and I’m ready to die.

When life is shorter,  the less total determination i find,

The less count I’m aware of, The sooner the decision is made ;

But when the count is finally made, the more  cheerful  the mind will be;

The cheerful mind helps to escape from our thoughts.

Short life is truthfully very good;

Therefore, death let me die;

Come gentle death,  with a  cooler sorrow  ;

The coolest of care  gives a more meaning to life,

The flood of life is the more vivid type of sustenance .

The happy fare leads to the very end ;

I Wish for the end to come by, therefore death come and let me die.
This poem reminds me of this time in our lives , when we are given up and everything is against us.Then our only solution is death and we really want to be in peace . It’s also reminds me of growing up and aging where we go through pain and change in our body. We wished to have a short lives where  we don’t have to go through the process of aging sometimes.Reading this I was painting a picture of someone sick , and  praying that death should come and let him die.

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