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Friendship: Time trieth truth (#176)

1 year ago

232 words

This is my own interpretation and translation of the poem:

Everlasting and eternal  things needs time and i have seen that its takes times, then times should try my truth. The truth  which deserves an exceptional and unique  trust. Once trust exist, there is great friendship that will grow immensely.

And Friendship may not failed when  there is faithfulness or whenever  faithfulness is present and sound ,friendship will not failed. Sound is the best proof  and proof itself is the ruler and king of praise. And  praise which is a precious and most valuable thing , almost never perish.

Times goes back and  forth , and which time should I act in accordance with,

How can i show serious willingness and attention until my truth is ready.

As long as, i find a time for fantasies, i will wish for another amazing time like this to make my declaration.

If being fortunate is my hope , then hope might choose the fortunate ones.

Then my heart will live in peace at  my favorite time.


This poem reminds of friendship, family of what its means to be hopeful about our lives and the people in it. It’s also reminds me of broken relationship and friendship where  trust is lost. I was confused about what the author was actually saying but after analysing and translating some words into modern English, I was able to understand it.

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